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Call for participants at the Euromediterranean Youth Meeting

The Euromediterranean Youth Meeting aims to facilitate the encounter between young people from different countries within the Mediterranean region that have common interests on youth needs and share similar difficulties.

Del 11 de marzo de 2013 al 15 de marzo de 2013 Categoría: Lugar: Barcelona

Promote the young entrepreneurs attitude as a social transformation tool.
Facilitate network projects between the Mediterranean countries.
Encourage the creativity, innovation, critic vision and participation within the Mediterranean region.
Empower the youth debate and lobby actions for the youth life conditions improvement within the Mediterranean area. 

The Euromediterranean Meeting will offer practical trainings on social entrepreneurship, Humans Rights, culture of peace and youth participation, art and new technologies for a creative social transformation to the young participants.

The Catalan Agency for Youth expects the participation of 44 youth leaders, representatives of promoting social transformation projects, from all the Mediterranean countries, at this meeting.

The young people interested in participating at the Euromediterranean Meeting have to fill in the application form and also send us a graphic documentation about the project you apply with.

The minimum requirements for the applicants are:
- Young people between 25 and 35 years old.
- High level of English knowledge, Medium level of French (for communicating).
- Being a leader or an active participant at the submitted project.

As an evaluation criteria the Catalan Agency for Youth will consider the most innovative and creative projects, where the young people is a main actor and where is possible to identify a concrete impact on the transformation of any social need or problem.
Application deadline: 10th December 2012.

The notification of the accepted applications will be done by email during the last week of December 2012.

The Catalan Agency for Youth will cover the travel, accommodation and meal costs of all participants during the meeting. 

All the applications have to be sent to the Catalan Agency for Youth to the following email  

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